Sustainable, measurable growth
in both sales and profitability...…

SalesFacts™ - Sales and Marketing Consulting Services

Young & Associates helps companies grow sales organically by developing solutions based on facts. We take the guesswork out of developing go-to-market sales strategies. Our services, called SalesFacts™, use the latest analytical tools to focus sales resources on the most profitable customer segments. Further, we determine the right sales processes and select the optimal sales channels based on your customers’ buying behaviors. Executing this approach with the sales force results in sustainable, measurable growth in both sales and profitability.

Sales Strategy – a comprehensive sales approach, based on facts secured from internal and external sources and our research, which focuses resources on the most profitable customers and defines processes and activities to maximize growth:

Sales Execution – we transform the sales force into a highly productive organization focused on pursuing the highest potential targets using the most effective processes and activities:

Performance Analytics – we create quantitative models to analyze results, generating intelligence and insights:


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