Our feedback programs are part of a management
system that generates lasting results…

Feedback & Recommendations

What is the best method to provide positive, actionable information to the sales team?

Is the information personalized?

Does the information result in behavioral change and improved performance?

Most sales organizations rely on short-term incentives and sales training programs to stimulate the reps and cause behavioral change. However, these initiatives yield only short-term benefits with no long-term change.

Young & Associates’ feedback programs are an integral part of a larger, closed-loop management system that generates lasting results. Sales reps and managers need actionable information to significantly improve productivity. Performance Indicators and Causal Models provide the cause and effect relationships needed to take corrective actions and to achieve success that is sustainable.

These feedback programs provide recommendations on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. This regular feedback cycle insures that each individual’s execution of processes and activities are consistent with the Sales Strategy. Preventing non-strategic activities keeps the sales force focused on the highest potential customers.