The vision was to combine quantitative
analysis tools with management insights…


Young & Associates was founded by William J. Young in 1987, after 17 years of direct sales, sales management and marketing experience and leading two NYSE firms' global sales/marketing organizations.

The vision for Young & Associates was created while Mr. Young pursued his MBA at The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Combining his operational experiences with informal surveys, he formulated the beliefs that most sales organizations and many marketing-related activities are developed without the benefit of Fact-Based Solutions™. Furthermore, most sales organizations are directed without the guidance and structure provided by a vision or sales strategy. Preliminary research indicated that sales activities are frequently outdated, not linked to the company's strategy and based on little more than past practices and educated guesses. It was also determined that very few companies use measurement processes to help understand the value of sales and marketing activities.

To address these issues, Young & Associates was founded upon a simple business concept: sales and marketing organization initiatives can be developed and managed using many of the same principles and tools applied to other parts of the company. The vision was to combine quantitative analysis tools with management insights to produce fact-based sales and marketing models that would generate sustainable sales and profit gains. This vision served as a foundation for helping Young & Associates' clients achieve enviable results and has enabled Young & Associates to reach a level of prominence and respect that places the firm at the forefront of thought leadership and sales strategy development and implementation.