William John Young

President, Young & Associates, Ltd.
Adjunct Professor of Marketing
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

William John Young is an internationally respected sales effectiveness authority, educator, management consultant, and founder of Young & Associates, Ltd. He has over 15 years of operational, senior sales and marketing management experience with domestic and international firms and 16 years of senior management, sales and marketing consulting experience. His operational experience is broad, from direct sales to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for two NYSE global companies.

Mr. Young founded Young & Associates, Ltd., in 1987 for the purpose of assisting senior management in increasing sales and marketing effectiveness. As president, he has helped firms grow sales and profits by consulting in the areas of sales strategy, strategy-linked sales channels, sales organization structure, size, deployment, account management, compensation, goal setting, measurement, and customer relationship management. He has assisted hundreds of firms in a variety of industries including manufacturing, financial, and energy services as well as distribution. Some of the firms for whom he has consulted include Hewlett Packard, ABB, Ingersoll-Rand, AMR Research, Hon Industries, The Federal Reserve Banking System, ABN AMRO, GE Power, and Allsteel.

Mr. Young received his M.B.A. from The University of Chicago where he has instructed sales management postgraduate seminars and classes at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive Education since 1986.